Professional, Personable & Highly Experienced

Thrive Medical is run by Dr Dr Ismat Nasiruddin. She has been working in the NHS (busy leading central London teaching hospitals, GP practices and central London A&E settings) as a doctor for 25 years and also privately for 18 years. She enjoys the variety and complexity of the different specialities she covers and is well placed to manage the overlap between them, allowing for very individualised and detailed medical care. Dr Nasiruddin enjoys supporting and managing  thousands of very varied patients, many with complex medical needs.

Her extensive experience and specialisms allow her to expertly encompass health care across all ages (including a wealth of paediatric specialisms also) and specialities, managing a range of complex physical and mental health presentations and general medical/surgical problems requiring holistic overall management.

Dr Nasiruddin champions highlighting the lack of any cut off between mental and physical health and has the experience to manage both concurrently. An experienced clinician taking time to understand the person and listen to their concerns is critical to good medical care.

Dr Nasiruddin is the senior clinical partner within a busy, highly regarded NHS practice in South London (nappy valley) with a high proportion of young people, women and families. Prior to setting up her own private practice, she worked as part of a successful private practice managing  most of the women’s health ( gynaecology, contraception, hormone disorders; PCOS, PMS, HRT and menopause management and complex menopause care)emergency medicine and mental health work.

Dr Nasiruddin’s special interests and background encompassed working within gynaecology, women’s health, dermatology/ minor surgery and senior specialist psychiatric/ mental health posts ( across a range of sub specialisms). She runs contraception clinics, hormone management (PCOS, PMS and complex menopause clinics) and supports patients with endometriosis and fertility care; working alongside and supported by some of London’s top consultants and specialists.

With increasing demands being placed on the NHS, I recognise the need for a skilled and  experienced medical physician offering the time and care you need. In particular, a GP that works to establish long term relationships and high quality holistic care for patients and families,  extending beyond their appointment. A wealth of background experience and excellent specialist knowledge and work as well as top clknical connections, allows me to tackle a range of medical requirments and offer positive long term solutions.

My Aim

With over 20 years experience as a senior private and NHS GP, also working in busy London hospital departments,  I pride myself on fostering excellent relationships with my patients as well as their families. The importance of these connections is made evident through my diligence in continuity of care, which extends beyond the appointment.

A focus on thorough, individualised appointments in an ideal setting, just off Sloane Square, enables me to provide high quality medical care in greater depth than any regular GP appointment and with additonal expertise.

All systems being uniquely interconnected, my breadth of experience means I can address medical requirements, from skin, to heart, hormones to mood and not manage things in isolation.

Receiving the quality care needed, my aim is to allow patients to truly THRIVE.

Taking the time to listen and truly know my patients ensures excellent quality of care, satisfaction and the ability to really understand people’s lives and health and the interaction between the two.

I am able to offer “one off” and “as necessary” appointments too, especially for medical emergencies, contraceptive/family planning or sexual health advice and coil/implant fittings.

I offer detailed menopause management (specialising in this area as a member of the British Menopause Society) and this, alongside pre menstrual concerns, is one of my most popular appointments.

I am also able to offer detailed mental health reviews and management plans, and work with some amazing consultant pychologists.

My experience

Women’s health is a particular speciality; with my background of extensive training in general gynaecology, sexual health, contraception (coil/implant fitting) and menopause care and all aspects of hormonal health(PMS, PCOS). I have a specialist interest in PCOS/endometriosis and fertility as well as obstetric and neonatal care.

I am able to offer thorough HRT management and other options, alongside extensive counselling and advice (being an active member of the British Menopause Society).  I am also the clinical lead for minor surgery and dermatology and have had an interest in aesthetic medicine for 20 years.

I currently work at Pulselight clinic to continue promoting women health along side excellent skin care. The setting is one which supports my ethos of promoting holistic management of all aspects of health.

I run general medical/surgical and emergency medical clinics and specialise in minor surgery.

I also have a background in managing all aspects of psychiatry having worked at senior registrar level ( entire spectrum including many subspecialities ; addictions, psychoses, depression/ bipolar disorder, stress, OCD, child and adolescent mental health, eating disorders, learning difficulties and dementia).

I am able to prescribe body identical and evidenced based as well as bio identical treatments – alongside Mirena coil fittings etc – essentially full holistic management.

Patients really appreciate the time, care and attention to detail which is hard to replicate in rushed NHS appointments. With specialists often only looking at their field in isolation, it is sadly all too rare to access a full holistic overview!

I am a member of the BMS (British Menopause Society) and RCOG (Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare and have an excellent community of top gynaecologists, obstetricians and psychiatrists and psychologists as well as surgeons, cardiologists and dermatologists I work with throughout London.

I support the practices CQC and QOF work and ensure all appraisals, BLS and Child Protection/DOLs programmes and mandatory training is up to date. I am the clinical commissioning lead for the practice as well as being the borough clinical commissioning lead for mental health, women’s health/gynaecology and sexual health.  I chair and lecture in at Imperial College also on a bi annual basis and am a PG certified GP trainer and educator as well as being on the board of Wandsworth LMC.



    • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Imperial College London in 1994.
  • Postgraduate Qualifications and Memberships:

    • GP registrar of the year and winner of RCGP regional and national audit award  2004. Presentation and award from RCGP on project on mental health within the community and physical health discrepancies in this group. Project presented nationally.
    • Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners           
    • Membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists
    • Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare at Margaret Pyke Centre London
    • Diploma of Royal College of Obs and Gynae
    • IUD and LoC Implants - I audit these yearly and am approved by NHS England fitting on average 600+ IUDs alone a year
    • Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
    • Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and Dip Occ Health
    • Member British Menopause Society and Menopause principal trainer
    • Undertook research work and presentations with British Heart Foundation on increasing the recognition of cardiovascular disease in women (differing presentation outcomes and medically under recognised)
    • Marion Gluck Training Academy certified
    • Bio identical hormone prescriber and trainer
    • Diploma Minor Surgery (NHS England Accredited). Reaccredited every 3 years.
    • GP trainer- St Georges Hospital Medical School London 2015 - Present.
    • Commissioning Clinical Lead for Mental Health  and Women’s Health in Battersea - I worked with SWL and St Georges Mental Health Trust and undertook various roles on the board and running high profile significant event investigations as well being involved in the formation and role out of the new (award winning) dementia services for Wandsworth