General Services

The opportunity to establish a personal relationship with a highly experienced specialist doctor and GP who can support individualised management of your whole health and well being. Or, be seen for a one off, detailed review for any medical issue causing you concern.

  • Consultations for acute & chronic medical conditions
  • Assessment & treatment of psychological conditions, including anxiety & depression
  • Annual Wellman & Wellwoman medical assessments tailored to requirements
  • Corporate medical services, including pre-employment medicals
  • driver medicals
  • Cardiovascular risk assessments
  • Sexual Health reviews
  • Medication reviews
  • Home visits-by prior agreement only

  • Travel vaccinations
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Specialist private referrals and admissions as appropriate
  • Blood tests
  • Electrocardiograms (ECG)
  • Specialist investigations*
  • Spirometry

*For example; mammogram, x-ray, ultrasound, colonoscopy, echocardiogram are arranged at a private hospital as appropriate


Advice on stress management, prostate concerns and neurological/cardiovascular reviews with option of onward referral to some of the country’s best consultants if necessary.

  • Prostate advice and reviews
  • Testosterone checks
  • Performance and lifestyle evaluations

Women's Services

Management of all aspects of health; mental health, hormonal issues (complex menopause and contraceptive care),cardiovascular/neurological or any medical/surgical concerns, supported by some of the country’s leading consultants where necessary.

  • Contraceptive & family planning advice
  • Fertility advice.
  • Cervical smear screening
  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) advice and vaccination
  • Intra-uterine Device (Coil - copper, Mirena, Jaydess, Kyleena ) fitting & removal
  • Implant fitting & removal.
  • Antenatal & postnatal care
  • Vaccinations and screening (all aspects)
  • Full peri menopause and menopause management & advice on all aspects & forms of HRT and alternatives-as well as wider health concerns and overlapping medical issues.
  • Auto immune disease and dysautomnia.
  • B12/insulin dysregulation.


With years of paediatric experience, we are happy to see children and adolescents of any age for any issue, from croup to cow’s mills protein intolerance and reflux. Again, we are supported by excellent paediatric consultants for further management if needed.

  • Acute and routine managment of illness
  • Psychological and mental health concerns
  • Childhood developmental and medical assessments
  • Childhood immunisations

Same day walk-in care

Thrive medical Clinic can provide same day care and walk-in care. We will always do our best to see you straight away, even at short notice.

  • Same day appointments for urgent medical conditions
  • Same day blood testsSTI tests and lab tests
  • Same day PCR tests (flu and respiratory infections, and gastroenteritis / intestinal infections)
  • Last minute vaccines before travelling
  • Urgent prescriptions and specialist medical referrals
  • Visitors to London for one-off appointments or vaccines

We offer a number of walk-in services with our nurses such as instant blood tests, blood sugar tests, smear tests, dressing changes, and diabetes screens. For more details please call us. These services operates during our normal clinic hours.


Every consultation at a time to suit

Prescriptions & letters required in a consultation are included at no extra cost. Quickly accessible by phone or email, with live online booking

Standard Consultation

£130 30 minutes
  • An appointment suitable for most medical issues
  • Included in annual monthly subscription plan

Extended/special service

£200 60 minutes
  • Suitable for complex or numerous medical issues, first HRT/menopause appointments and mental health concerns.
  • Included in annual monthly subscription plan

Phone/Skype Consultation

£40 20 minutes
  • Available for existing patients
  • Included in annual monthly subscription plan

Review Appointment (for known patients only)

£65 20-30 Minutes
  • Suitable for existing/known patients added
  • Included in annual monthly subscription plan

Complete Health Screening

- Price by request
  • General and sexual health screening packages available


- Pricing variable
  • In addition to standard consultation fee

Letters & Referrals

£25 By request
  • When completed outside a consultation

Home/Hotel Visits

- Available on request
  • For new or existing patients

Subscription service

£45 Per month* (T&C's below)
  • Dropping in increments of £5 for every additional member (2nd person in family £40, 3rd £35 etc)
  • Max. of 24 appts a year (Includes all calls, referrals and Skype consults and reduced prices for specialist services)

Minor Surgery/Skin treatment

- Pricing variable
  • Price is dependent on treatment required. PRP( platelet rich plasma), minor surgery or Skinpen.

Coil removal/fitting

£65 Fitting £200 (+device fee)
  • Implant and removal of existing device can be done concurrently - separate Removal Only Appt £65.

Book a consultation

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*Terms and conditions for Annual Subscription: Annual Subscription

  • The subscription covers consultations with Dr. Ismat Nasiruddin.
  • Consultations included in the subscription are available during the practice’s normal opening hours Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8am to 8pm. Depending on availability and excluding bank holidays, other days/times and locations are available by arrangement. The subscription excludes some home visits or after hours services.
  • Some laboratory tests, injections or vaccine costs are excluded from the annual subscription and will be invoiced separately. The price list for injections or vaccines is available on request or at Laboratory test costs will be explained prior to any tests being agreed too.
  • There are no charges for prescriptions or repeat prescriptions